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 Originally posted 7.18.2015

Ulquihime feels + period hormones + an idea from sOMEBODY that I kind of… flipped. This is a brand new AU(!!!), that I will scribble because this western is giving me hell.


The things reflected in my eyes have no meaning. The things that cannot be reflected in my eyes, don’t exist.

How could he possibly say that to her?

“Thanks for letting me hang out with you. My friends were all going to try that new rock climbing wall at the rec center and, well, I could try it with them, but I don’t think the university safety policy would allow that.” In one hand, his arm. In the other, her walking stick. Even when she had him to guide her, she took small, hesitant steps. It forced him to slow down.

“It isn’t very kind of them to go without you.” A squirrel hopped through the grass a few feet away from them. He pointed it out to her, as she’d instructed him to whenever they walked through campus together. The things reflected in my eyes have no meaning…

“Hello squirrel!” she said. Her sightless eyes did not try to seek it out, but rather stayed on the path ahead. “You’re wrong, by the way. I think it would be unkind of me to hold my friends back. It’s not their fault I can’t do stuff like that.” Her smile widened. “Things were difficult after the accident but they never abandoned me. If it wasn’t for that, I’d have lost hope a long time ago.”

The things that cannot be reflected in my eyes, don’t exist. “Hmm.”

They stopped at a bench across from a fountain. She’d told him it was her favorite spot because she could hear the water droplets, as well as the birds that congregated there. Without sight, she could imagine she’d wandered into a forest teeming with life. Until someone power-walked past them with coffee, anyway. Then it was like trying to listen to ambient noise at a Starbucks. “How does the fountain look today?” she asked.

“The same as it did yesterday.” No meaning. “Only…” It has no meaning. “There is a large cloud partially eclipsing the sun at the moment, so the shadows have almost blended with the light.” He glanced at her, and saw in her smile a warmth that wrapped itself around his heart.

How strange that he should allow this blind girl to influence his own perception


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