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Originally posted 9/4/2014

 Suggested by Luleiya for the adorable sketch she did! (She was on time for Hime’s birthday, unlike me. XD) “7 Minutes” universe, post-story.


“This frat house has ridiculously nice window seats.” Orihime leaned back against Ulquiorra as he wound her hair around his hand, admiring its softness. They were sharing said window seat, which was wide enough for three and stuffed with throw pillows. “It’s kind of suspicious, don’t you think? Like, why would they spend so much time on bay windows when there isn’t even a view to enjoy? Unless you like grass and leaves and… fence.”

The corners of Ulquiorra’s mouth lifted almost imperceptibly. “What did that fence ever do to you?” he asked, draping his arm over her shoulder.

Orihime grinned. She had to admit, she’d been pessimistic going into her first official date with Ulquiorra - random party hookups had a tendency to end badly, after all - but she’d been pleasantly surprised to find that she liked him even better outside of strange circumstances. He was smart, a dedicated student. He had plans for the future. A dry sense of humor that somehow complimented her craziness.

Plus, he looked really good with glasses. She couldn’t help kissing him when he wore them, though the lenses always ended up smudged, and he had the nerve to complain.

“They’re going to make me drink twenty-two shots tonight,” she said suddenly, her expression grave. “One to grow on.” She lifted her head to stare at him. “Help me.”


“We’ll hide somewhere.”

“A closet?” She whacked his arm. “You’re right. That’s the first place your friends will look.” This time she snorted, her cheeks coloring at the memory of all the closet-based jokes that had flown around their heads in January. Then she grew serious. She reached up and took Ulquiorra’s face in both hands, though she was positioned awkwardly so her fingers nearly ended up in his mouth.

“Let’s run away together.”

His eyebrows went up. “We’ve only been dating nine months.”

“People have babies in nine months. We can skip town for one evening.”

“…oh, you meant for the night.”

Orihime frowned. “What did you think I meant?”

“Nothing,” Ulquiorra said quickly, removing her hands from his warming face and standing with her. “Let’s go. There are only two restaurants in the next town over, if you don’t mind a fast food birthday dinner.”

She didn’t.

She also didn’t mind sharing a hotel room with him.


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