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Originally posted 2/8/2015

 For the first time, I took a pain killer for my hands today. Hiatus coming soon.


“Still can’t believe you’re dating a babe like her,” Grimmjow muttered, not bothering to hide his envy. “Must be nice.”

End of another school day. The sun was sinking, its light casting an orange glow on the city as students departed for clubs or home. For a moment, Ulquiorra’s eyes drifted skyward. “It’s not nice at all,” he said, turning to Grimmjow with the most miserable look he could muster. “She talks about death all the time. It’s morbid.”

“You’re a damn liar!” Grimmjow shouted, only to remember that Ulquiorra didn’t lie. He sneered. “The one guy in the world who’d complain about having a hot girlfriend, and I’m friends with him. What does that say about me?”

“I wonder.” Ulquiorra stared blankly ahead. “And I wasn’t complaining.”

He wasn’t. Orihime understood that, and laughed her loud, happy laugh when he told her later. “Me and my morbid curiosities!” she cried, waving her arms at the ceiling. “Whatever shall you do about them?”

“Put a stop to it before you start communing with the dead,” Ulquiorra replied. He didn’t even move when she took his glasses off and dropped them on the floor beside her bed.

“Like Don Kanonji?” She undid his uniform tie.

“You’ll be his new assistant.”

“If that happens, please break up with me. You have your reputation to think of.” Orihime pulled the tie away from his neck and burrowed into his chest. He put an arm around her. “Suppose I hadn’t been cured, though,” she murmured, “what would you have done?”

Ulquiorra looked up at the ceiling. “Died a virgin.”

“Oh please!” She started to unbutton his shirt. “You would have loved again.”

“I wonder,” he said for the second time that day, before sitting up and laying her on her back. It would be alright, he told himself. Therapy was doing her well. She wasn’t as anxiously attached to him as she was before. Wasn’t cycling between reckless impulsivity and fear as often. Sure, she’d been too afraid to leave the house today, but it was her first major setback in weeks. Given time, she would be fine.

And he would wait with her until she was.


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