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 It’s exactly what it sounds like.

(Untitled): My very first Bleach fic idea.  Kisuke Urahara is a twenty-something who keeps failing his college entrance exams. Harassed by his roommate Yoruichi, he wishes she could understand him better, and a wandering witch turns Yoruichi into a cat. Kisuke adopts the cat and names her after Yoruichi because their eyes are similar. It was fluffy and cute and had a romantic ending.
(Untitled): After winning an academy award, actor Byakuya Kuchiki pays a visit to his old teacher/rival Yoruichi to boast that he’s finally beaten her. She talks down on him instead. Heated love scene. Gratuitous ByaYoru sex because yes.
Subzero: Young scientist Orihime Inoue wins the opportunity to spend a year in Antarctica, locked in a dome being tested for space colonization with her hero Ulquiorra Cifer. Ulquiorra has plans for some unapproved, unethical human research. Will Orihime let him do as he pleases? Will Ulquiorra come to regret the mental and physical burden he places on his young assistant? Science!!
Spyware: Ichigo Kurosaki and his college classmates gets roped into a fight between two genius hackers that could end with the emperor being killed.
Ghost Pains: Ulquihime Christmas department store romance. *w*
Human: NnoiNel fic in which he’s a prisoner on death’s row and she’s trying to get his story. He demeans her, insults her, threatens her, kisses her, tries everything he can to break her, but she remains calm the entire time. When he’s executed, she goes home to boyfriend Ichigo and tells him she’s sad.
- (Untitled): GrimmNel fic! He’s accused of a terrorist attack that blew up Sereitei Corp., she’s a cop helping him try to clear his name.
(Untitled): On a class trip to the museum, Orihime meets a guy  named Ulquiorra who’s just as interested in a local legend as she is. Legend tells of a princess who fell in love with a dragon. Little does she know that she’s the princess, stuck in a reincarnation cycle to be with her humanized lover until his own lifespan runs out.
Lost in Translation: An earthquake strikes while Orihime is at the aquarium, trapping her in a basement with a Spaniard tourist who speaks very little Japanese. The two must survive until they’re rescued.
Composer: Muse in Ulquiorra’s point of view.
My Soul to Keep: Now being turned into original fiction! Orihime, a young Victorian woman, travels the country with her bodyguard, Ulquiorra, in search of a place where her pure soul will be safe from soul-eating Hollow.
(Untitled)Gin is a writer famous for a weekly installment in a magazine, about a shinigami who betrays the woman he loves to take down the bad guy. He confesses to his anonymous pen pal that the snippets come to him in dreams, and he thinks he’s losing touch with reality.
Quiz Bowl: Orihime, vice president of her school’s Quiz Bowl club, tries to deal with Ulquiorra, president of HM Private Academy’s Quiz Bowl club, who doesn’t like her and keeps trying to sabotage her. 
(Untitled): Features the Bleach cast as actors in a popular road show in the 1920s. Mostly Ichiruki with some background other guys.
Gymnastics: Ichigo gets into a competition with a girl at the university rec center, trying (and failing) to prove that he can best her at… well, anything.
- (Untitled): Kaito, found as a baby in the wreckage after a deadly tsunami, writes an article about reuniting with his birth parents. He’s contacted by Tatsuki Arisawa, who saw his picture in the paper and thinks he might be the son of her best friend. Unfortunately his mother died in the tsunami, but his father is still alive. And Ulquiorra, who’s lived alone in a cliff-side home overlooking the sea since Orihime’s death, wants nothing to do with the child she died trying to save.

Now you see why my arms hurt. D8


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