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Fan Fiction Ideas September 27, 2010; 1:12am

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 GrimmNel in Oz - Side Story October 26, 2010; 8:15pm

BEWARE OF SPOILERS... I just came up with this, actually, but due to arm pain (and restricted content) I will not be writing it in story form. 8D



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 A Horror Story October 11, 2010; 1:07am

It's just an idea. The UlquiHime FC is having a Halloween thing, and this came to mind today. So, uh, basic notes with what's left of my brain. Oh man, I'm freaking myself out with this idea. u.u


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 And We'll Set Something Ablaze... October 6, 2010; 12:48am

Ack, finally, I'm on the verge of finishing Muse. But just when I get to this point I have these intrusive NnoiNel thoughts and I HATE this pairing... so I guess I have to be nice to Mr. Tongue now. At least he won't be like Tousen and either be nonexistent or dying a horrible death somewhere. Let me get a look at the remaining chapters.



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 Note to Self! September 26, 2010; 10:44pm

Details for GinRan fic:


Title: World Apart

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Drama

Status: One-Shot

Summary: In the thirties, they saw the country by train, working together to stay alive. In the forties, he left her behind to give her a chance at a better life. In the fifties, she’s America’s biggest star, and he’s the journalist who let her get away. -AU-


That is all! 
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 Same, apology.

August 5, 2010; 9:47pm (from Las Cruces, New Mexico)


Title: Muse
Subject: Bleach
Rating: M [prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse, language, sex/rape, sketchy situations]
Genre: Drama/Romance
Pairing: UlquiHime

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 Same deal as before, same apology for my younger self.

July 30, 2010; 12:49am

The purpose of this note is also to make note of things for Oz.

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 While deleting a bunch of things off of my facebook, I have found the original notes (and dates) for many of my Ulquihime fics, documenting when the ideas formed, and how different they initially were from the finished products. And how stupid and crazy I was when I was 20. Here I'll be saving them for posterity.

Disclaimer: I'm really, REALLY sorry about my 20 year old self. Really.

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 I keep losing track of all the music that's been used for my fics, so here's a master post for reference. This includes songs referenced in chapter/story titles.

Tell Yourself
Tell Yourself by Clazziquai (Title)
99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger (Ch. 2: This Is It Boys, This Is War)
Still Burning by Sixpence None the Richer (Ch. 22: The Things They Carry)
Victory At Sea Suite by Richard Rogers (Ch. 24: Victory At Sea)
Can't Get You by Fallbrooke (Ch. 25: Love Story V)
Kikaider OP (Ch. 25: Love Story V)
Overthinking by Relient K (Ch. 26: Over Thinking)
Down and Out of Time by Sixpence None the Richer (Ch. 28: You've Got Your Debts to Pay)
Tsuki No Ie by Akino Arai (Ch. 28: You've Got Your Debts to Pay)
Carry This Picture by Dashboard Confessional (Ch. 33: Tanabata)
On the Radio by Regina Spektor (Ch. 40: First Date)
About My Lover by Maaya Sakamoto (Ch. 48: Because of the Heart)
그대는 눈물겹다 by M.C. the Max (Ch. 85: Pompeii)
Interlude by Yuki Kajiura (Ch. 87 & 88: Interlude and Interlude II)
가슴아 그만해 by M.C. the Max (Ch. 89: Run)
Nobody But You by Kimbra (Ch. 90: Signals)
I Don’t Know What to Do With My Hands by Minor Alps (Ch. 93: The Build Up)

All the Same by Sick Puppies (Theme)
Just Hold Me by Maria Mena (Theme)
Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla (Theme)
Boston by Augustana (for Orihime)
Don't Speak by No Doubt (Ch. 12: Don't Tell Me 'Cause It Hurts)
Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve (Ch. 18: Bittersweet Symphony)
Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven (Ch. 23: Dearly Departed)
You're the One That I Want by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John (Ch. 26: You're the One That I Want)
Tamagotoji by Yoeko Kurahashi (Ch. 27: Where the Heart Is)
Get Ready 2 Rokk by Freezepop (Ch. 27: Where the Heart Is)
Trouble by Coldplay (Ch. 28: Honesty)
I Won't Go Home Without You by Maroon 5 (Ch. 29: I Won't Go Home Without You)
Before Dawn by Yuki Kajiura  (Ch. 30: Curtain Call)

I Like That by Richard Vission and Static Revenger Feat. Luciana (Ch. 1: I Like That)
Quiet Life by Taku Iwasaki, The Will by Taku Iwasaki (Ch. 4: Nihilism)
Si Volvieras A Mi by Josh Groban (Ch. 5: My Beloved and My Despair I)
Tension is  Passing Note by Sixpence None the Richer (Ch. 6: My Beloved and My Despair II)
Affections Touching Across Time II [To Love's End] by Kaoru Wada (Ch. 7: To Love's End)

Under the Moon by Do As Infinity (Ch. 10: Under the Moon)
Love Story by Taylor Swift (Ch. 14: A Matter of Trust)
Sound of Snow Falling by Taku Iwasaki (Ch. 22: Elegy in the Snow)
Twisted Nerve by Bernard Herrmann (Ch. 23: Twisted Nerve)
If It's You by Alex Chu (Ch. 24: The Gas Station, Revisited)
Wizard of Oz by Clazziquai (Theme)

Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead (opening quote)
Love Ends by Clazziquai (looped the entire weekend I was writing it)
When You Call Me by Sixpence None the Richer (for Orihime)
23 by Jimmy Eat World (for Ulquiorra)
Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood 

M x TY 

Note: Not the official story title. Things are pretty bad between the Muse brats in the beginning of the fic, which is why songs directed at each other are kind of… vicious. Nothing for TY!Hime yet because she’s a saint. Still U/C.

Rapunzel by Clazziquai (TY!Ulqui to M!Hime)
Love in High Places by Kimbra (M!Hime to TY!Ulqui)
Love Corrida by Shishido Kavka (for M!Hime)
La La La by Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith (for the Muse brats)
Nocturne Op. 27 No. 1 by Frederic Chopin (M!Ulqui to M!Hime)
Ain’t It Fun by Paramore (M!Hime to M!Ulqui)


Note: Not the official story title. Still U/C!

Fuel to Fire by Agnes Obel (theme)
Chord Left by Agnes Obel (BGM)
Run by Ludovico Einaudi (BGM)
She Walks in Beauty by Sissel (Orihime’s theme)
Tango Muerte by Parov Stelar (Kokuto’s theme)

Beautiful Stranger (Sliced Cheese Remix) by Clazziquai (Beautiful Stranger, Theme)
Move Along by All American Rejects (A Hand to Hold)
Lucid Dreams by Franz Ferdinand (Moratorium, Ch. 2: Lucid Dreams)
Time is Running Out by Muse (Contradiction)
Do Ya by Michelle Tumes (Do Ya, Theme)
World Apart by Asian Kung-Fu Generation (World Apart, Theme)
No Place So Far by Erin O'Donnell (Unmistakable)
Stay Beautiful by DIGGY-MO (Stay Beautiful)

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 Catherine (Kay)’s family

- Caitlyn/Cameron
- Christian/Kristen
- Jacquelyn/Jackson

Desiree (Desmond)’s family

- Kira/Kira
- Kai/Kaya
- Jasmine/Jazz
- Levi/Levy

Whitney (William)’s family

- Sebastian/Sabrina
- Lucian/Lucy (short for Luciana)
- Luna/Louis
- Hyde/Heidi

Jiyuu (Yuuji)’s family

- Dimitri/Demi
- Marie/Martin
- Victoria/Victor
- Leo/Leah
- Twylight/Ty 


- Duke/Reyna
- Melanie/Mel
- Elena/Ethan
- Angelica/Anthony
- Liam/Lisa
- Emilio/Emilia 

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